If you’re struggling to make rent, Toronto’s got your back. The City actually has a Rent Bank program that provides grants to tenants who are behind on their rent or need help with a deposit. You’ll have to meet the criteria to be eligible for the program, but since the pandemic, the City has made some changes to the requirements so that more people can get help.

If you’re eligible, you could get up to $4,000 in rental arrears if you’re behind on your payments or up to three months’ rent, whichever is less. Money for deposits is based on the size of your rental — $1,500 for a bachelor unit, $1,700 for a one-bedroom, $1,900 for a two-bedroom, and $2,100 for a three-bedroom or larger.

Here’s the criteria you’ll have to meet. First, you must live in Toronto and pay market rent for a unit covered by the Residential Tenancies Act, which is the standard set of laws that apply to renting. Your household income will also have to fall into the low-income category, and you cannot be receiving assistance from other programs like Ontario Works or disability support.

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Payments from the Toronto Rent Bank used to be given out as loans but in March 2021, the City made these funds available as grants to help tenants during the pandemic. The grants will be available until March 2022, and all loan repayments have been frozen.

There’s a number you can call to find out if you qualify. You can reach the Toronto Rent Bank directly at 416-397-RENT (7368).