Okay, so camping isn’t for everyone. Setting up a tent, living off the land, and substituting a flush toilet with a stump is certainly not universally beloved, and we get it. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating 21st-century luxury, but man is it good to get outdoors everyone in a while. Located in the heart of the Rockies, the Alberta Sundance Lodges are the glampers answer to comfort and nature!

Sleep in a cozy bed, walk barefoot on wooden flooring, and end the day with a hot shower. Then you can wake up to birds, a breeze, and fresh air. This unique campground really gives its guests the best of both worlds with their incredible amenities and it’s beautiful green sites. Heck, these guys even have coin laundry!

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Now, at the Alberta Sundance Lodges, there are bare grounds for those who prefer to rough it, but we’d definitely recommend the cushier options, like their tipis and trapper’s tents.

Each rustic enclosure has everything you’ll need to sleep sound and worry-free! Pack as if you were going camping with coolers, food and bug spray, but then recharge under a sturdy awning.

These things are seriously cute, folks. The grounds look incredible, and each site is separated by tall trees and lush bushes, which basically ensures your total privacy – and who doesn’t love their privacy.

Hike through the mountains, see wildlife and gaze at the stars in an often incredibly clear sky. Maybe you’ll even catch the northern lights! This place is practically the most blissful, convenient way to enjoy one of the most beautiful places on the entire planet – so why not check it out?

For more information, you can visit their website here, or follow them on Facebook here! Happy Camping, campers!


Where: AB-40 Kananaskis, Alberta