If there are two cards people are likely to have in their wallets these days, it’s Aeroplan and Starbucks Rewards. Although, we are somewhat nostalgic for the days of Canadian Tire money. That’s neither here nor there, though, so let’s talk corporate rewards partnerships.

On Monday, Air Canada’s rewards program Aeroplan announced a new partnership with Starbucks Rewards. Now, you’ll be able to earn Aeroplan points when loading up your Rewards card, or you spend points for free drinks.

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All you need to do is link the two accounts on the Air Canada website, and you’re ready to start earning. You’ll earn 400 Aeroplan points the next time you’re at Starbucks as a ‘welcome bonus’, so that right there is probably worth the effort. Aside from that, you’ll get points during promotions or when you put money on your Starbucks card.

If you’d like the full rundown, then check out the press release from Air Canada. Enjoy your next coffee, folks!