We’re not going to lie to you, 2020 has got us feeling nostalgic for the simpler times. So, maybe we’ll just buy an Albertan frontier town and pretend to live in the 1800s. Say hello to Sierra West Cabins, a resort that’s currently for sale for basically a song and a dance.

sierra west

Well, that’s a little generous, but it’s still a great deal. This award-winning resort located in the southern end of the province has everything the cowpoke in you could need. You’ve got cabins, all the horse-related buildings you could ask for, and 150 acres to run around on.

sierra west

But, the main attraction of this is ‘Cow Town’. This frontier town recreation has a variety of buildings, including a saloon, a cantina, and a bunkhouse. You’ll never worry again about getting that authentic country Instagram photo, that’s for sure.

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sierra west

And if you need a touch of modern life, the property also comes with a developed 3-bedroom ranch home. This has all the bells and whistles, ranging from an indoor hot tub to a finished basement and wraparound patio. But, we’re assuming you’re going to be in a tent under the stars.

ranch albertan frontier town

Are you ready to absolutely dive into the country lifestyle and buy an Albertan frontier town? Do you have the $2.175M to do it? Then you can check out the property right here. Happy trails, folks!