While getting a pet is not something we’d recommend you do on a whim, for those thinking who have been thinking it over this is a great opportunity. For the next 10 days, the BC SPCA is offering 50% off all adoption fees for practically all of their animals, from birds to hamsters to puppies. Here’s what to know!

The adoption event lasts from September 27th (today) until October 6th. During that time, all SPCA branches in BC will join in on the discounts. There’s only one exception to the deal, and that’s adopting a horse, so we doubt it’ll affect too many prospective pet parents.

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Adoption fees vary by branch, but can be a relatively expensive process. While smaller pets like hamsters and birds range from $5-$30, the price enters the hundreds for most cats and dogs. At the Vancouver branch, adopting a cat will cost you at least $98, while opting for a small breed puppy goes up to $644.

So yeah, you’re looking at some serious savings when it comes to adopting from the BC SPCA. To find your own lovable companion, head over to the BC SPCA website and check out what’s available! Whoever you pick, we’re sure they’ll be a winner.