Last Friday, Xbox took a hard left turn when it came to promoting their new Xbox Series X console. Rather than a standard image of it, they opted to share their latest unique creation- a ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ style controller.

We might as well call Xbox Dr. Frankenstein because they’ve created a monster. In an homage to the all-denim look Canada (and Justin Timberlake) is known for, the controller is now beyond any homemade paint job or aftermarket edition we’ve ever seen.

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Of course, this begs the question- what does a gamer put in tiny controller pockets? One single Warhead gummy? An individual packet of Mountain Dew? God help us all if the new owner uses it as a Cheetos holder.

Beyond this, Xbox did encourage fans to share what their dream custom controller might be. And who knows, maybe one lucky person will get their very own above-and-beyond controller for screaming at Rocket League.

Personally, we’d go with like psychedelic print shag carpet, but that’s just us.