If you’ve been on TikTok at all over the last few months, you’ve likely seen it – Halloween 2021’s most wholesome trend – the ghost photoshoot.

Commonly set to a clip from Jack Stauber’s fall-perfect song Oh Klahoma, people all over the world took to the platform to show off their take on a series of ghoulish snaps featuring themselves, family, and friends covered in white and wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Honestly, after months of sweat pants and Netflix, no photoshoot sounds quite as appealing as one where you’re covered head to toe in something you just pulled off your bed.

From downtown to familiar parks – here are our favourite Ghost Photoshoot pictures and videos that were taken by Calgarians ahead of this Halloween.

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Inspired? Halloween is still hours away and the snow hasn’t completely covered the ground, so you’ve still got time! Heck, why should this be exclusive to October 31s, lets make this a year-round thing! Hear us out… ghosts in Santa hats. Does it get any cuter? Absolutely not. 

Snap away, Calgary – we support you.