Canadians have good times in store with the official launch of Villa One Tequila across the country. The brand is a collaborative effort between musician and actor Nick Jonas and renowned international designer John Varvatos. They’ve teamed up with Stoli Group to bring one of the finest crafted agave spirits to life. Villa One officially launched in the U.S. back in the summer of 2019, but now it’s Canada’s turn to raise a glass!

The story behind Villa One Tequila is a pretty incredible one. The idea was born during a trip to Mexico in 2018. Although it was originally proposed as an offhand comment between Nick and John, the idea quickly became tangible as the trip progressed. In fact, the tequila’s name, Villa One, was actually inspired by the beautiful property the two were staying at!

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Villa One
Photos via Villa One

In the spirit of the good vibes they felt on that vacation, the pair decided the goal of Villa One should be to capture the “life as it should be” feeling of spending quality time with family and friends. If you ask us, they have certainly achieved that.

Using both of their creative expertise, along with help from master distiller Arturo Fuentes (aka The Godfather of Tequila), this ultra-premium tequila was developed into three distinct expressions: Silver, Reposado, and Añejo.

Villa One
Photos via Villa One

This week, Curiocity actually got the chance to attend a virtual tasting and walkthrough of Villa One with Nick, John, and Arturo. Of course, all three tequilas were delicious – we’d expect nothing less from these icons. But we also got to learn a little more about what makes this brand so special.

Villa One is handcrafted at the craft distillery Fabrica de Tequilas Finos in Jalisco, Mexico. Every batch is made with sustainably sourced 100% blue weber agave that is slow-cooked to allow the sugars to be extracted for fermentation. They use a double-pot distillation process with copper stills and age the Reposado for 6 months, and the Añejo for 12 months. That process is no joke!

What makes Villa One even more special is that it uses agave sourced from both the highland and lowland regions of Jalisco. This gives the drink a unique taste and a gorgeously smooth and refined finish.

Villa One
Photos via Villa One

So how should you drink Villa One Tequila? According to Nick Jonas, whatever way you like! The beauty of this brand is that it can be sipped, shot, or combined to craft that perfect cocktail. Nick says he enjoys a lot of fish and spicy food, which the Reposado is a “nice, soothing kind of companion to.” He also loves the Añejo on the rocks as a post-meal nightcap, garnished with a simple orange rind or wedge. Sounds delish!

As for their favourites within the line? Don’t worry, we asked. Both Nick and John have a preference for the Reposado, while Arturo says he enjoys the Silver the most. When we asked why, Nick explained that it was “the hint of sweetness without ever being sweet” and the refreshing, simple, subtlety of the tequila that really draws him in. He recommends topping it with club soda to enhance the experience.

If you’d like to try Villa One Tequila for yourself, you can find it at select liquor stores across the country.