Is there anything worse than enjoying a nice walk outside and accidentally stepping into a puddle? To be more specific, and then your socks get WET?!

It’s enough to ruin any good stroll – but there is a solution, and luckily, it doesn’t involve wearing chunky rain boots 24/7. 

Vessi has made a name for itself by redefining what waterproof looks like. Vessi sneakers are stylish, lightweight, and totally waterproof! Like, immerse your feet in a one-inch puddle, waterproof. 

No more wet socks. 

No more ruined walks. 

Freedom to splash without fear!

And the best part is, they just look like sneakers. Talk about a hidden superpower. 

Photo via Sammie Chan

Vessi has a wide range of styles, all designed to be stylish, comfortable, and ready for the unexpected. A 30% chance of showers? You can leave the umbrella at home. You’re not even worried. 

It’s one thing to embrace puddle-jumping, but what’s even cooler is Vessi’s commitment to community and water security. Vessi supports organizations that fund clean water projects and address drinking water scarcity around the world. In fact, over 22,426,472 litres of drinking water provided by clean-water projects have been funded by the Vessi Community.

Now, those are shoes you can feel good about – for many reasons!

If you’re in search of some stylish kicks to keep your toes dry, then you’re in luck because there’s a new Vessi store just outside of Toronto.

The Vessi location in Square One Mall is the perfect spot to snag yourself some new shoes for winter. Especially if you want to be prepared for when the slush and sleet hits. The brand new Alta High-Top sneaker has just started hitting shelves, and these are specially designed to tackle the Canadian winters.

Photo via Sammie Chan

This high-top sneaker is perfect for when you’re sick of your snow boots. Keep your toes dry and toasty thanks to Alta’s 100% waterproof Dyma-tex® knit and vegan leather exterior, along with the specialized sole designed to take on slippery conditions in stride.

Vessi has a wide range of styles for both men and women, along with breathable, waterproof socks for an extra layer of cozy protection. All Vessi styles are completely free of animal products and come with a 365-day warranty – now that’s confidence.

Check out the new Vessi location for the latest Alta High Top sneaker and everything else you need to banish your fear of puddles for good. 

Wet socks? Never heard of them. 


Where: Square One Mall, 100 City Centre Dr, Mississauga