Here’s a fun little update- Vancouver’s oldest koi fish has been relocated to the Bloedel Conservatory. And by all accounts, he’s loving it! Confused? We’ve got the backstory on how a fish can earn a retirement.

The 34-year-old fish named Dragon Gate (good name), first came to Vancouver for Expo ‘86. Since then, he’s been hanging out in the Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Garden. A great setting for sure, but not necessarily the safest.

Because in 2018, a local otter ran amok in the gardens and threatened the koi population there. What’s more, the same thing happened again last year. Those dang otters and their mischievous ways. Yet they’re so cute! We’re torn about the issue.

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But now, Dragon Gate has been moved to the pond at the Bloedel Conservatory. We’re sure the lack of predators is a welcome change. And, he shares his new home with other koi fish, birds, and neat tropical plants. Given that koi fish can live up to 100 years, this seems like a great place for Dragon Gate to spend his next 76 years.

At his new home, he will be safe from otters, but he does have literal battle scars from his past tussles.

So, maybe it’s time to swing by and check him out for yourself. Have a great, fishy weekend!