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Things to Do for Canada Day long weekend in Vancouver (June 28-July 1)

Photo via @canadaplace Facebook

We feel like we have truly earned this long weekend, and we’re ready to soak up every second of it. The boss had us working like dogs this month, so we’re going to be getting loose. How about you? Are you living your best life this weekend, or are you just chilling? Is chilling also living your best life? We don’t have the answers.

Here are 8 things to do for Canada Day long weekend in Vancouver.

Enjoy a Day in Vancouver

Red Bull has teamed up with local favourites Pacific Rhythm to host a fun-filled day at the PNE. Based up the lineup, expect a wide variety of electronic sounds across two stages.

When: Friday, June 28
Where: PNE
Tickets: $5 with RSVP, $15 at the door

Check out Van’s cutest music festival

The 7th annual Strathcona Music Festival goes down on Friday as well. We haven’t heard of any of these bands because we live under a rock, but we’re sure that it’s going to be a fun time.

When: Friday, June 28
Where: The Avant-Garden
Tickets: $10

Get to The Roots of Jazz Fest

The first Jazz fest concert that we want to highlight this weekend. This Grammy-award winning ensemble is a whole lot more than just the band on Jimmy Fallon. Don’t believe us? Buy a ticket and find out for yourself.

When: Friday, June 28
Where: Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Tickets: $100 and up

Appreciate one of America’s founding fathers

The second Jazz Fest concert we think you should check out. Herbie Hancock is an absolute god in the genre, and definitely, anyone who listens to jazz has on their bucket list. The good news? He’s approachable, meaning that all music lovers can enjoy his sound.

When: Saturday, June 29
Where: Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Tickets: $79 and up

Watch a (potentially awkward) burlesque show

Burlesque Long Form sees local burlesque dancers try and captivate the audience’s attention for a whopping 10 minutes. That might not sound like much, but trust us, there’s going to be a couple of awkward pauses here and there. Maybe you’re into that sort of thing, though.

When: Saturday, June 29
Where: Rio Theatre
Tickets: $20 advance, $25 at door

Check out a Guitar Fest

We just found out what luthier means and we’re spreading the word. With over 80 in attendance at this year’s International Guitar Fest, where the best luthiers (basically, guitar builders) in the world will be showing off their creations. Say hello to an incredible jam session.

When: Saturday, June 29 and Sunday, June 30
Where: Creekside Community Recreation Centre
Tickets: $25 and up

We couldn’t come up with a pun for Dido

We will go down with Dido’s ship, as the British singer-songwriter captured our hearts over a decade ago. And that’s not even when she started making music! We’re just young here at Curiocity.

When: Saturday, June 29
Where: Orpheum Theatre
Tickets: $56 and up

Have a ball on Canada Day

Confused about what to do this Canada Day? We created a pretty solid list of activities for you to check out. From parties to fireworks, there’s no shortage of Canada Day festivities going on in Vancouver.

And that’s the list of things to do this long weekend, Vancouver! Get out there and uncover your city a little bit. Maybe see you at Guitar Fest, that one really piques our curiosity.