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8 things to do at home and around Vancouver this week (July 6-10)

Photo via @thendrw Instagram

Well Vancouver, it’s a new week which means it’s time to find some ways to pass the time. And as always, we’re here to help you out with at least a few ideas. So here are 8 things to do at home and around Vancouver this week.

Buy a lottery ticket

We’re feeling extra inspired to win big after a Burnaby resident won the lotto for the second time in 4 years. And who knows, maybe you’ll get equally lucky. This year has been weird enough that maybe some good things will come out of it.

Watch Hamilton on Disney+

Whether you like musicals or not, Hamilton is worth checking out. And we’ll assume a good chunk of you have Disney+. So be sure to check out this well-loved Broadway show that you can now watch from home!

Check out this Infinity Room

Maybe you’re really bored or maybe you need a new Instagram pic. Whatever the case is, you can check out Moon & Back Gallery in Richmond for a unique infinity room experience. However, be sure to check out their new rules before you go!

Try a new sunny day activity

We know the weather hasn’t exactly been the best lately. But we’re looking forward to a sunny day. So one of these days this week, you might as well check out the short sunny day activity list that we made.

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Check out Greek SummerFest To Go

This festival is in its 34th year and is chock full of food you don’t want to miss. And because of COVID-19, food will be to go this year. But that’s okay, we’re all pretty used to taking things to go at this point. So be sure to check out this tasty festival which starts on Friday.

Plan ahead for fun

We just put out our monthly list of things to do. So you already have plans this week but want to look ahead, you should check out this list. After all, you might just get an idea or find an event that you can’t miss.

Learn to identify bird song

This class will help you become the ultimate Vancouverite. So when you’re out on a hike with your friends or Tinder date, you can impress them with your bird song knowledge. Not to mention, it’s just one more thing to learn that might come in handy.

Watch something new on Netflix
Basic but is there a better way to wind down after a long day? Probably not and now’s the perfect time to scope netflix since there’s tons of new arrivals worth checking out. Because we all need to binge netflix sometimes.

Okay, folks, that’s what we have for you to do at home and around Vancouver this week. So we hope you have a great week and that you check out one of these events or ideas. We’ll catch you back here next weekend!