You can now bid on official merch from the infamous Fyre Festival

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Oh to be a struggling influencer stuck in the Bahamas. Sounds very 2017, right? Well folks, if you thought things couldn’t get any crazier this year, you’re wrong. And that’s because you can now buy merch from Fyre Festival. Yes, the infamous ‘greatest party that never happened’ back in 2017. Of course, it’s all becoming available in 2020 of all years.

Thanks to the US Marshals, an online auction is taking place to sell off merch from the 2017 festival. Some of the items include clothing, accessories, and some interesting tokens. Which all together make a very appropriate, scammer like outfit.

fyre festivalAnd if you’re wondering where this money is going, it’s going back to the 80 victims of Billy McFarland’s scheme. So if you feel the need to own a piece of festival history then you should hop on this auction. It will be happening until August 13 and is made up of over 100 items.

Of course, we wouldn’t leave you without the link. So click here to bid on your very own Fyre Festival merch. And if you end up being the winning bid on one of these items be sure to send up some fit pics. We want to see the people rocking their Fyre fest merch.