You can help ban police street checks in BC by signing this petition

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It’s been easy for a lot of Canadians to turn a blind eye on the protests happening in the states. Because Canada has a reputation of being a better and safer country for Black and Indigenous people. However, deep down we all know that this is not true. And that’s why we urge you to sign the petition to ban police street checks in BC.

If you are unfamiliar with street checks, they are when “police stop a person to conduct a field interview or an investigation in regards to suspicious activity or a suspected crime” as defined by VPD. But obviously this definition is broad and leaves plenty of room for racial profiling.

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And racial profiling is exactly what happens in most street checks. So not only is this procedure not very beneficial but it has become a way for police to specifically target Black and Indigenous people. And if you need more evidence you can look at the growing number of deaths of Canadians under police “wellness checks”.

So again, we highly urge you to sign this petition to ban police street checks in BC. Because if we want Canada to be as great as its global perception, everyone in this country needs to be safe. And right now, that is not the case.

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