You can buy a private BC island for less than most Vancouver houses

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You know what they say about real estate, even when it’s about a BC private island for sale? Location, location, location. Fortunately, this 8-acre island is just a stone’s throw from Nanaimo, making it a super accessible spot for your weirdo art compound or whatever you’re going to build there. (We’re going to circle back to this in a second)

What’s more, Lily Island is available for a song and a dance when compared to Vancouver’s housing market. At a mere $1.4M, this island is less than most starter homes in Vancouver, let alone a recent family home in the city. Seriously, we haven’t found a liveable detached home in Vancouver for less than like $1.1M.

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Small catch- the island is practically undeveloped. However, we see this as an opportunity. You’ve now got a blank slate that’s super close to Vancouver yet completely isolated. There are apparently at least 5 sites that can be built on, so there are definitely options available.

Like building a destination art compound for the richest of the rich! Here’s what you do. First, come up with the money for the land itself. Then, approach the Chan family (or another wealthy patron of the arts) and say that you want to build a neo-brutalist art museum specializing in emerging and contemporary artists. Plus a boutique hotel.


Trust us, with the right coverage you won’t have to worry about funding at all. Then, it’s just a matter of picking the right architect and turning Lily Island into the next Naoshima. We want 2% off the top for the idea, by the way.

You can learn more about this BC private island for sale by clicking this link.

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