Vancouver’s crazy new public park to get green light next week

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What’s that? Downtown Vancouver is going to get a new public park? Oh heck yes, you can colour us 6 shades of excited for this one. The new park is set to replace a parking lot at Richards and Smithe, and should receive the green light from city council next week.

The renderings for the park are definitely promising a lot. It is multi-level by design, with a cantilevered walkway offering access to various parts of it. So far, plans include a playground, a large water feature and a space for public art. If most public parks are checkers, this one is definitely some 4-D chess.

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Of course, this kind of innovation comes at a hefty price. The estimated cost for the park has ballooned from $8M to $14M, but that shouldn’t stop its development. We think this new public park in downtown Vancouver will be a nice compliment to the new Georgia Viaduct.

Considering how crazy Vancouver is starting to look, mixing new parks with insane developments is a good idea. It’s some pretty fun contrast, no?

Check out the full press release on the new public park coming to Vancouver here.

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