Vancouverites react to 2019’s first big snow days

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van snow day

Guess what Vancouver? It’s snowing. Rather than talk about how much snow there is, we thought it would be more fun to see how the city reacts. And boy howdy, does the city react. It’s like the sky is falling out here! (Pun intended)

Buses are probably hit the hardest by this weather, since many lack the capacity to get up the hills on their routes. UBC’s bus lines are the most affected (the hill past Alma is a doozy), but does that mean that the school will recognize that a lot their students can’t possibly get to school in under 2 hours? Nope, business as usual out there! Keep doing you, UBC, education first and foremost.

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vancouver snow car

Cars also don’t fare too well out here either. Makes sense, who wants to go through the hassle of buying and putting on winter tires for like a week or two of weird weather? While a lot of people just say to heck with it and refuse to drive, this weather is a field day for those who come from the Eastern provinces. You know the type, they scoff at this (You call this snow?? I’ve driven my mom’s minivan through worse conditions, and in May!) and look down upon those that would rather not slide their way around the city.

snow blogger van

Meanwhile, Instagram photographers and bloggers are having a field day. When else can they get a picture of a snow covered beach or some crazy vista of the skyline? The pros know how to do it, but you can also expect to see a lot more stories and posts from your friends. If they’re lamenting the weather, they didn’t get the shot they wanted, and if they embrace it, then they’re expecting that they’re going to go viral.

You would think that since this is like the second or third year in a row that this has happened (shoutout to climate change), the city/province would have some sort of emergency plan in place for the region. They seem to instead go with a ‘play it by ear’ approach, because really, what’s the harm in a few thousand people going without electricity or roads being neglected for hours at a time? Just another day in our newfound winter wonderland.

It’s not all bad though, the weather will pass (hopefully sooner rather than later) and Vancouver can return to the temperate paradise it is. Maybe with a little more respect for what the folks in literally any other province or region have to deal with every winter, but probably not.

Don’t forget to build a snowman though! And stay safe out there!

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