Vancouver suspended pretty much every parking restriction city-wide

Photo via CBC

In a much-appreciated move, the City of Vancouver announced that it would be suspending enforcing a number of parking restrictions city-wide. The move comes in light of the city recognizing that maybe handing out parking tickets isn’t such a good look right now. Just kidding, we know there were other things on their plate.

Anyway, the city is no longer enforcing metered parking, residential parking, rush hour zone parking, and all parking time limits. So, basically everything we’ve been ticketed (and towed) for over the past few years.

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However, we’re not dipping in the world of Mad Max quite yet. To ensure the public safety of all commuters, city officers will still be enforcing the following:

  • Parking in spots designated for people with disabilities
  • Safety violations (e.g., parking too close to a crosswalk, intersection, or in front of a fire hydrant)
  • Impeding the movement of others (e.g., blocking a driveway or lane)
  • Special zones that must remain open for other purposes (e.g., goods-delivery loading zones, bus zones and bus stops, passenger pick-up and drop-off zones)

Ok, yes, we completely agree with keeping all that as-is. If you’ve liked to check out the full press release, just click here.

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