Vancouver is getting a legendary amount of snow this week

Photo via @staysinspired Instagram

Happy Tuesday, folks! We’re here to serve you the information that you need to know but absolutely do not want to. That’s right, it’s time to talk about the snow in Vancouver. As opposed to most every other Canadian city, Vancouver rarely sees snow, which makes this time as magical as it is frustrating!

Let’s get down to the brass tax first. Environment Canada is calling for snow tonight and tomorrow at least, with an additional 15cm (!!) expected to land during that time. You’ve already seen Vancouver’s reaction to snow, so maybe avoid driving if possible.

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Fortunately, TransLink has implemented some cool new tire socks on buses with more difficult routes. So, hopefully you’re not one of those unlucky few whose ride kicks out halfway to its destination. We’ve seen it happen a couple of times before, and it never looks fun. Not even ironic fun.

Additionally, keep in mind that folks in need will be experiencing the worst of this weather. So, if you’ve got spare warm clothing or blankets, make sure to donate them to your preferred local nonprofit! Everything helps at this time!

Finally, what the heck, go buy a sled or something. This is a rare moment.

Stay safe out there, folks!

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