Vancouver has more sun than rain to look forward to this week

Photo via ShutterstockPhoto via The Weather Network

While we might get some rain Wednesday and Thursday, so far the rest of this week’s forecast in Vancouver is looking super sunny! Looks like July is about to make a grand entrance, and can’t wait to welcome it back.

This week isn’t supposed to be scorching hot, hovering around 20 degrees practically every day. We love that temperature though, since it means we can mess around outside the entire day without getting too drained.

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Thursday is supposed to be the only truly cloudy day this week, and Wednesday might have a little bit of rain. Other than that, we’re in for a fair amount of sun. Perfect, we can finally walk around a local park and work on our t-shirt tan a little more. Heck, maybe we’ll even take a safe trip to the beach.

Whatever you decide to do this week, have some fun out there folks!

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