Vancouver car share users can soon park for FREE in metered spaces

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A recommendation from the General Manager of Engineering Services that Vancouver car share vehicles can park for free in metered spaces passed earlier this week. That’s a mouthful, so we’re just happy to say that you won’t be ticketed when you park your Car2Go (or Evo) downtown.

The report contains a lot of fun facts about car sharing in Vancouver, actually. Did you know that 34% of residents have some sort of car share account? Or that 67% of respondents in a survey said they use car-sharing to save money? Vancouver has long been a leader in car sharing, and the latest step will only help the situation.

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It also contains different ways to incentivize car sharing. The first (and most important) is that one-way trips ending in metered spaces will be free for the driver. Thank goodness, we don’t want to know how many times we’ve gotten a email saying we owe Car2Go $40 because we got lazy and decided to risk it. (Our bad, we know.)

Since the cost will now rest on car sharing companies, the report also recommends that zero emissions vehicles will be charged 50% less. This comes from a citywide move towards zero emission transit across the board, and we’re down with it.

Although it’s not exactly clear when the new rules will go into effect, we will keep our eyes on the ground for you. In the meanwhile, you can read the report here.

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