Vancouver approves new cannabis shops on Granville and Main

Photo via @chelsealeyland Instagram

Vancouver recently announced that it has approved two new cannabis stores. Which ones, you ask? Hobo Cannabis, which is owned and operated by the Donnelly Group. The stores are part of a planned expansion in BC, with 8 hopefully opening across the region.

The first Hobo store opened at the start of April in Ottawa. That move matched the first day that dispensaries were allowed to operate. Since then, the store hours had to be modified, as Hobo kept running out of their product. Makes sense, not a lot of cannabis is coming in.

The two new Vancouver cannabis locations will be at 425 Granville St. and 4296 Main St.

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Hobo joins City Cannabis and Evergreen Cannabis Society as Vancouver’s five places to buy legal weed. Of course, all of our friends are going to their regular dispensaries or grabbing it from a dealer. To be honest, we think they’ll be doing that until the prices fall.

Hey, though, maybe some Vancouverites care about the legal status of their dispensary. There’s nothing wrong with that- we’re just a frugal bunch.

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