Tripadvisor just released its Top Hotels in Canada for 2020

Photo via Magnolia Hotel Victoria

Nothing beats a nice stay at a hotel. A clean, carefully manicured home away from home can be just what the doctor ordered sometimes. And, wouldn’t you know it, Tripadvisor has put together a ranking of the top hotels in Canada and it’s making us want to book a trip ASAP. Let’s check it out!

The list, based on travellers’ ratings, lets you know some of the best places to stay across the country. The 25 picks spans all the way from Victoria, BC to Charlottetown, PEI. And, just saying, it seems like the top 5 is absolutely dominated by BC places.

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The top hotel in the country is the Magnolia Hotel & Spa in Victoria, noting it’s luxury feel. The next two on the list are both situated right here in Vancouver, with Loden Hotel getting the second spot and L’Hermitage Hotel getting third.

The only non-BC spot on the list is at the fourth spot with Auberge Saint Antoine in Sherbrooke Quebec. The fifth hotel on the list is the Shangri-La Hotel in Vancouver, giving BC four of the top five highest-rated hotels in the country. Not a terrible thing to put under the tourism belt, that’s for sure.

Here is the entire top 10!

1. Magnolia Hotel & Spa – Victoria, BC
2. Loden Hotel – Vancouver, BC
3. L’Hermitage – Vancouver, BC
4. Auberge Saint Antoine – Quebec City, QC
5. Shangri-La Hotel – Vancouver, BC
6. Wedgewood Hotel & Spa – Vancouver, BC
7. Ritz Carlton – Montreal, QC
8. Hotel Le Crystal – Montreal, QC
9. Hotel Elan – Calgary, AB
10. Hotel 71 – Quebec City, QC

If you’re curious about the rest of the picks, then you can check out the full list right here.

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