Translink is making masks mandatory for all customers

Photo via Translink

Well, Translink has stepped up to the plate and decided to make masks mandatory for all transit riders starting on Monday, August 24th. The company released a press early on Thursday morning giving their customers the heads up. Here’s a quick recap.

Although not required by the province, Translink has decided that implementing the mask policy will increase customer confidence in the service. Which makes sense, since masks are recommended (but not required) when physical distancing isn’t available.

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Those with medical conditions that prevent them from wearing a mask will be exempt, as long as it’s cleared by Translink beforehand. And while this new rule can be enforced by Transit Police, the initial focus of the policy will be awareness and education.

Which is probably a better approach than diving into handing out tickets. Regardless, we’re happy to see Translink bring this new policy into play. If you’d like to check out the press release in full, click here.

And stay safe out there, folks!