This modern Calgary home for sale looks like an art gallery from another planet

Photo via Sotheby's

We definitely weren’t expecting to find one of the most interesting homes in Canada just hanging out in Calgary, but we’re sure glad we did. This ‘art nouveau’ style home looks more to us like an art gallery than a place to watch TV. We like it!

modern home calgary

Built in 2017, it’s clear the original owners had a very specific vision in mind. From the outside, the angular, multi-tiered nature of the home is immediately visible. But, it’s not until you’re inside that the dedication really shines through.


Central to the design of the home is a sort of atrium, which is flanked by a sloping walkway to move between the levels. It’s kind of a sort of angular Guggenheim feel to it, albeit on a much more modest scale.

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modern home calgary

But, it does actually add to functionality, creating multiple points of entry in the home and tons of natural light. We’ve yet to meet anyone who can claim a walkout kitchen and a basement wrapped into one, and it’s a fun idea.


You’ve got a pretty standard 3 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, but it’s the unique stuff that stands out to us. Like how the yoga studio on the lower level opens up to an indoor garden. Talk about a calming space to tune into virtual workouts.


Also, that door isn’t just for show- there’s an unfinished ‘tasting room’ lying at the end of a sparse hallway. We know the new owners will complete the project, but right now it gives off a sort of Parasite vibe that we’re loving.

modern home calgary

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