This historic Vancouver grocery store is getting a new lease on life

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It’s not very often that we see an old being get restored in Vancouver. After all, this city is kind of known for its green glass high rises, McMansions, and Vancouver specials. But a few years after closing, the historic Cardero Grocery is on its way to a new lease on life.

Luckily Cardero Grocery is designated a heritage building by The Vancouver Heritage Foundation. And it deserves it, after all, it was one of the first buildings on Cardero Street. So with that sweet designation, it means that this building is pretty well protected.

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However, protected doesn’t always mean things won’t change. And some things are definitely going to change at this classic spot. Like the addition of 5 rental housing units and of course, the return of the classic grocery store. But hey the city does need more housing, lets just hope it’s affordable.

So if you’d like to learn more, you can do so by clicking here. And as this whole process is in its infancy, some things might change. But we hope that the new development helps preserve this special piece of Vancouver history.