This historic riverfront home for sale in Banff includes mountain views & a golf simulator

Photo via Royal LePage

With fall just around the corner, we thought it would be nice to showcase an incredible Rocky mountain retreat located in Banff National Park. In fact, this one is just a hop, skip and jump from Banff’s downtown core. Perfect for those who need a mix of culture and quiet.

banff home

First, a little history about the place. Built in 1943, the home was originally designed by John Carl Warnecke. That name might not ring a bell, but he was the architect of the John F. Kennedy gravesite. Then, he founded what was once the largest architecture firm in America. So, a pretty big deal for those looking for a little cultural prestige in their getaway house.

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rocky mountain retreat

But as a nice bonus, the home was updated a few years back to provide some more modern comforts. And in true luxury style, we’re talking a billiards room, a golf simulator, and a gallery space among others. Really, all it needs is some insane ski-related room to really complete the experience. Maybe you can add a wing or something to it.

rocky mountain retreat

And as a weird final touch, the land itself is important. That’s right, this house sits on the original homestead of Tom Wilson. That’s also a pretty unknown name, but he was credited as being the first (white) explorer to see Lake Louise. Now that’s a fun fact to bust out over a cigar and some whiskey, hey?

banff home

Of course, the price tag (around $5.9M) is nothing to shake a stick at. But hey, we’re here to find the most stunning and unique homes in the country. If it’s any consolation, we could never afford it either.

And it’s fun to look at, that’s for sure. You can check out this insane Rocky Mountain retreat right here!