This gorgeous lakefront compound in BC comes with 2 massive mansions

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It’s a problem we’ve hit often. We’re ready to buy a new Okanagan lakefront mansion, but then we remember how sad we’ll be if our friends can’t hop in. Well, thanks to this new listing in Okanagan’s Lake Country, the problem has been solved!

okanagan lakefront

That’s because this $22,000,000 listing comes with not one, but two lakefront mansions. Well, two mansions and a workshop, two docks, a lakeside cottage, and an orchard. Oh, and 4 RV sites all with utilities available. We guess if you’ve got over 11 acres to fill then you might as well fit it!

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okanagan lakefront

As for the homes, it’s basically up to you! Do you take the current main house? It’s got 4 bedrooms, a custom-built Forno oven for pizza, and arguably the better lakefront setup. But, the tradeoff is that the interior design in this one could use a little update.


Or do you go with the new home? This one features the same number of 4 bedrooms. But, its perks include a newer design, an elevator, and better integration of indoor/outdoor living. So good bones, but could use the added flair that the other has. It’s honestly a toss up quality-wise.


But we’re lazy, so we’d take the main house and let our friend work on the second. Heck, we’re going to have our hands full between golfing, boating and fruit picking as it is!


To see this insane Okanagan lakefront compound in full, just click here.