There’s a new UNESCO World Heritage Site in Canada

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There’s no shortage of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Canada. Still, we’re happy to see that Alberta’s Writing-On-Stone has joined the ranks. The inclusion of this spot marks the 21st World Heritage Site in Canada, and the sixth in Alberta alone. Guess we’ve got a pretty important country, hey?

The site has been on a tentative list for inclusion since 2004. Plus, it has been a National Historic Site of Canada since 2005. Here’s what you need to know about it.

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Dating as far back as 3500 years, Writing-On-Stone is a collection of rock carvings created by the area’s First Nations communities. The Blackfoot have created a large majority of it, although other groups such as the Shoshone probably contributed. All in all, there are roughly 50 different sites, ranging from a single carving to collections of hundreds.

The carvings tell the stories and day-to-day activities of the groups and are considered sacred. Plus, they are located within a spectacular setting, with hoodoos and other rock formations dotting the landscape. So yeah, it’s a must-see destination.

Planning a trip to Southern Alberta anytime soon? Don’t pass up a visit.

You can learn more about Writing-On-Stone here.

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