The weirdest things you can buy on Craigslist in Vancouver right now

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If you’re ever bored we highly suggest looking through what’s available on Craigslist. Because people sell anything and everything that they can on there. So we always find some downright funky stuff and also some pretty cool stuff. With that in mind, here are some of the weirdest things available on Vancouver Craigslist right now.

Halloween Harlequin Crested Gecko

Seeing people’s pets on craigslist always makes us a little sad. But this guy looks like he’s had a good home and life. Not to mention, he appears to be naturally Halloween themed. So this gecko takes PSL season to the next level. Don’t pass him up.

Vintage Articulated Serval cat skeleton

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Have you ever just really wanted a serval cat skeleton? Well, now you can have one for the small price of $900. Honestly, this thing is pretty cool but it is a little freaky. But hey, it will definitely float somebody’s boat.

Vintage painted porcelain Rooster/Chicken covered dish

We love a good niche piece of ceramic work. And well this chicken covered dish is just that. So if you have a collection of chicken ware, might we suggest adding this to your collection? It’s honestly pretty cute, we might just have to snag it.

America’s most haunted pinball

How about a pinball machine? Apparently this one is very rare with only 150 games ever made. And the owner has only used it in their house so it’s in mint condition. Just imagine bringing your tinder date back to your place to see this bad boy.

NHL Team Logo Mini Mugs Full Set

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We know at least a few of you out there are NHL fans so this will actually probably appeal to some of you. And if you’re a big NHL fan, having a collection of mini logo mugs might just be necessary. You can use them for shots, espresso, or whatever else your hockey-loving heart desires.

German Officer’s WWII Cap

History nerds, this one might blow your socks off. It’s a pristine WWII German Officer’s cap. We can’t say that this makes us feel any type of way but maybe you’re different! The current owner is pretty dang sure it’s authentic so if you’re about that history life, hop on it.

Horsehead circa 1960

Want the vibe of taxidermy without the death factor? Well, then this 1960’s hard plastic horsehead might just be for you. And in case you need to know, it’s “a replica of “Buck”, Ben Cartwright’s horse on Bonanza”. Pretty fun stuff if you ask us.

Arctic Fox Pelt

Dang, well it looks like everyone is trying to sell their weird taxidermy and animal-related items today. And this one looks like it’d be pretty warm. But it’s not exactly the cutest thing we’ve seen. So we’ll let you all make your opinions on this one.

Okay, folks, that’s what we have for you when it comes to the weirdest things available on Vancouver Craigslist right now. We highly recommend that you hop online and take a look for yourself. After all, you never know what you’ll find.