The Weather Network releases Canada’s snow-heavy April forecast

Photo via @staysinspired InstagramPhoto via The Weather Network

We’re not going to lie about it, we’re a little bit bummed that the April forecast across Canada is less than stellar. According to The Weather Network, regions across the country will see variable weather patterns throughout the month. And guess what folks, snow is definitely not off the table.

Just once, we wanted an April that really cruised into the spring, you know? Maybe a windy day, maybe cold rain here and there. Wine drinking weather, in other words. Plus, a little sun mixed in there for (social distancing safe) walks.

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But nope. The prairies have already seen snow and temperatures dipping below -1 C. Toronto’s forecast (although above average) includes a potential 4cm, and not even Vancouver is safe this year from some snow. Ok, Mother Nature, we’ll battle through this month, but we need a promise that May will be nice.

Otherwise, we’re not even leaving our apartments when this thing blows over. Nah, just joking, we love Canada too much to do that.

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