The stunning Bloedel Conservatory to officially reopen next week!

Photo via @bloedel_conservatory Instagram

We’ve got some good news for your nature lovers out there! Today, the Bloedel Conservatory announced that it will officially reopen on Monday, July 13th. The Bloedel Conservatory has been closed to the public for the past few months, hiding away its amazing collection of plants and animals.

Did you know that it’s home to around 120 different species of exotic birds? And roughly 500 different kinds of plants? If you were planning on a jungle trip this summer but can’t anymore, this is absolutely going to be your next best bet. Honestly, we can’t wait to take a little staycation here one day soon.

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Of course, it’ll look a little different once it reopens. The biggest change? Guests will book 45 minutes time slots for their visit. That might not be ideal for those of you who enjoy staring at a single bird for 15 minutes at a time, but hey, you can always go back.

If you’d like more information about reopening or would like to purchase tickets, just click here!

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