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The most perfect fall getaway is only 1.5 hrs from Vancouver

Via Tourism Harrison Via Tourism Harrison

When the months get cooler, more Netflix gets binged, summer diets go out the window, and often times, people forget to vacation. The truth is, people heading back to school or work provides the perfect window of opportunity for an out-of-city escape.

That’s where ultra-gorgeous fall destinations come in handy. Living in Vancouver, we’re blessed to have one of the prettiest autumn spots in all of Canada just next door. Harrison Hot Springs sits just 1.5 hours outside Vancouver and is the definition of a laid-back community.

Tourism Harrison Hot Springs

Oh, Harrison Hot Springs also offers up some incredible deals for people looking for the perfect fall getaway. Interested? We thought you might be. Let’s take a little look at everything Harrison Hot Springs has to offer:

Hot Springs

Naturally, this will be at the top of your Harrison HOT SPRINGS ‘things-to-do’ list. Keep this in mind for the perfect end to every hike, bike, paddle, or activity day. Heck, keep it in mind as the activity you plan your day around. The public hot springs pool is open daily!

Lake Life

Tourism Harrison Hot Springs

You’re on the lake, so you better take advantage of it! You can kayak and canoe along the gorgeous water and snap some foggy morning pics that will absolutely spice up your Insta-feed. Hop onto a covered boat tour to see the water in a whole new way. Shoreline Tours offer a leisurely 2.5 hr sail featuring either a waterfall or river cruise. Another option is Harrison Eco Tours, specializing in wildlife and jet boat tours.

After all, Harrison River is a Salmon Stronghold, which leads into Harrison Lake, so there will be plenty of salmon spawning spots to explore and eagles to check out. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure type of thing.


Tourism Harrison Hot Springs

Forest Trails can be found pretty much everywhere. Whether you’re a regular mountain climber or just a beginner, there’s something for everyone in Harrison. Check out the Harrison Hiking guide right here for all the information you need before you strap on the boots and venture into the wilderness.


Tourism Harrison Hot Springs

Summer is typically festival season, but fall in Harrison is nothing short of impressive. Hit up the Harrison Beer Festival in October for a weekend of great eats and crisp brews. Starting November 23, you can check out the Lights by the Lake winter lights festival.

Alright, so Harrison ain’t a big place, but with that cozy feel comes plenty of intimate things to do and places to stay, eat, and drink. From quaint cafes to local shops and galleries, to top-notch restaurants and casual establishments. Harrison has every vibe and mood covered. Come midweek and enjoy an even more relaxing stay!

Check out for more information. Happy fall, Vancouver!

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