The last of the Richmond mega-mansions just went up for sale at $22 million

Photo via REW

Ah yes, the old days, where you could just build anything you wanted as long as you had the space to do it. And ironically, this Richmond mega-mansion was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Seriously- this home was built in 2018, and a law was passed in 2019 banning homes over 20,000 square feet.

richmond mega-mansion

Want to guess how big this one is? If you guessed over 20k, you’re absolutely right. Sitting pretty at 22,317 square feet on a private estate, this is one of last of its kind in the region. Well, if you can’t build one, why not buy this one?

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Some of the interior design decisions we don’t really agree with (like wall colours and all the ornate touches). But, we have to say that if you’re in the market for a Great Gatsby style property, then this is a great pick. Especially with 9 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, it’ll be easier than ever for your friends to crash on your couch.

richmond mega-mansion

And while the front of the house is kind of bland for the price, the back does live up to expectations. Inlaid designs in the marble, a random giant chessboard, and of course, a chipping area. How else are you going to practice throwing your putter into the creek?


So, we say that you maybe try and talk the current owners down on the price a little bit. Because even with almost 10 acres and a home this big, $21.98M sounds a little steep. Then, take those savings and spruce up the place a little bit. Different landscaping out front, couple coats of paint inside, you’ll be cruising!

richmond mega-mansion

Just send us an invite to your housewarming party if you do. You can check out the listing for this Richmond mega-mansion in full right here.

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