The City of Vancouver plans to keep & display COVID-19 murals

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We’ve loved seeing the creative murals that business owners have come up or commissioned on their boarded-up windows. And it turns out the city loved them too. So with that in mind, the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association is going to try and save as many of the temporary murals as they can.

The goal of saving the murals is to display them again as a reminder of this moment in history. And honestly, we could totally see this ending up being like the neon room in the museum of Vancouver. But for the time being, the group is looking to display them again in public places to make sure they can be widely seen.

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So who knows, you might be seeing these murals again at TransLink stations or up on buildings. And we think that’s kind of fun. But regardless we’re happy the city is doing this as it means people who weren’t able to go out during quarantine can see them.

And if you want to see the murals digitally, you can click here. So make sure to keep your eyes open when out and about because you might just see these murals getting new homes.

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