The BC minimum wage increases again this weekend

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For the second year in a row,  the minimum wage in BC will be increasing. On Saturday, June 1, the wage will jump another $1.20 to $13.85 from $12.65. As former minimum wage workers, we are pretty jacked up about it.

In fact, only one short year ago that wage was sitting at $11.35, which was pretty darn insane all things considered. The most expensive housing market, low wages, sounds like a recipe for success, no?

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Anyway, the second increase is part of a plan to get the BC minimum wage to $15.20 by 2021. So, you’re looking at at least four consecutive years of government-mandated bonuses. Not such a bad deal at all.

And, not to disparage our neighbours to the east, but way smarter than having it jump close to 50% and then leaving small businesses to deal with it. In fact, the new government (the UCP) has decided to roll back student wages in Alberta at the end of June.

Ah, economics, you gotta love ’em.