Stand with Hogan’s Alley Society by signing their call to action

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It’s been great to watch people both near and far come together to protest against police brutality and racism. And while Vancouver likes to think of itself as a pretty safe place when it comes to these issues, we still have work to do. So one quick and simple thing you can do today is sign the Hogan’s Alley Society Call to Action.

HAS is calling on the City of Vancouver to take action about the displacement of Black communities in the area known as Hogan’s Alley. And they are asking the city to commit to their proposal for a Non-profit Community Land Trust on the Hogan’s Alley Block. Which encompasses Gore, Main, Union, and Prior Streets.

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If you are unaware of the history of Hogan’s Alley we highly recommend that you look into it. It was Vancouver’s only Black neighborhood at the time and was chosen and destroyed in order to build the Georgia Viaduct. And it is long past due that the city address this decision and right their wrongs.

So we highly recommend that you click here to sign the Call to Action. They are just a few people away from reaching their goal and you can help them do that. So if you’ve been protesting keep up the good work. And if this is your first step towards protesting, keep at it.