Some monkeys attacked a lab worker and escaped with COVID-19 tests

Photo via Shutterstock

They might be rhesus monkeys, but is this the random chimp event foretold in the prophecies? After attacking an assistant, a few monkeys took off with some coronavirus blood test samples. Nope, this is not a joke, a ton of outlets have covered it. We don’t usually talk about global news stories, but this one kind of walks the line between sci-fi and real life.

The first on the scene was the Times of India. And before you get too stressed out about things, we should let you know that the samples were recovered and were not broken by the monkeys. Now that we’ve breathed a sigh of relief, let’s continue.

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Unfortunately, one of them was filmed while apparently gnawing on one in a tree, which isn’t the best thing to do with it. They probably don’t know any better, considering they’re monkeys. Even if they’re getting more used to human interaction, this is definitely a… random event?

We sure hope so, anyway. Maybe tighten security around testing facilities, India, because this is something that shouldn’t even happen once.

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