Ryan Reynolds just reminded ‘young folks’ to follow public health rules

Photo via BC Gov/Ryan Reynolds

Not even 48 hours after being called out by BC Premier John Horgan, Ryan Reynolds has once again entered the chat. Hey, we got to respect him using his platform to educate and uplift. All we do is sit around and send memes to friends in our group chats.

A quick refresher. Earlier this week, Horgan asked Ryan Reynolds and Seth Rogen to help educate young people in BC on the risks of COVID-19. Why? Well, there’s been a growing concern for people flaunting public safety rules in the name of enjoying summer.

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Fair. So this morning, Mr. Reynolds responded. The minute or so long message is straightforward, with that classic humour we all know and love. Honestly, a solid PSA that hopefully gets through to those of us who think that massive parties are smart ideas.

If not, then maybe Seth Rogen can come to the rescue. He was once the voice of our transit system, after all. Maybe we should just put up loudspeakers over the city and he can just say ‘be safe!’ or ‘wear a mask!’ every few minutes.