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Ryan Reynolds is donating 30% of his gin sales to Canadian bartenders

Photo via @vancityreynolds Instagram

The really weird thing about this pandemic (besides Tiger King) is how it has affected celebrity culture. How do we say this without being offensive? Over the past couple of weeks, a few names have caught our eyes, and we get to apply some confirmation bias to people we already liked. Score!

Like Vancouver sweetheart Ryan Reynolds, who among other things, is using Aviation, his own gin brand, to give back to Canada’s hospitality industry. Announced early this morning, the move started with a $10k donation to the Canadian Professional Bartender’s Association.

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Actually, we should talk about those ‘other things’, too. Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively have already donated $1 million to Food Banks Canada and Feeding America, with each getting half. Then, yesterday, he took the time to spread some cheer at a children’s hospital via video call. You don’t like Ryan Reynolds after that, and we don’t like you. There, we said it.

But it doesn’t stop there. Moving forward, 30% of the proceeds from each online sale of Aviation Gin will be added as a ‘tip’ to the donation. We didn’t think we would be buying gin online this week, but hey, the times, they are a-changing.

Guess we’ll change with them!

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