Report: Global CO2 emissions could drop up to 13% in 2020

Via ShutterstockPhoto via Nature

A new article published Tuesday morning in the science journal Nature is claiming that global CO2 levels could drop by up to 13% in 2020. However this is the upper end of the spectrum, and in fact, the low estimate is a mere 2%. Let’s check out how they got to those numbers.

Basically, the researchers looked at government policies and activity data (think like Google Maps and electricity use) to estimate how much we’re currently cutting into CO2 production. And as of early April, global emissions had dropped a whopping 17% worldwide.

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But, the researchers know that reopening plans will affect the rest of the year. To accommodate this, they introduced 4 different levels of restriction and created some models. Basically, level 0 was no restriction, while level 3 was pretty much a shutdown besides essential services. At the time of writing, most countries surveyed were in level 3.

Which explains the insane drop in CO2 production so far. Want to hear something even crazier? According to the researchers, even with the drop, we’ve only gone back to 2006 levels of CO2 emissions. Humans are industrious, what can we say?

Well, we actually will say that if you’re interested at all, then you should read the report in full. It’s an interesting look into how society is affected by stuff like this, and how we’re probably going to end up after.