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Rental of the Week: Laneway luxury with your own cozy patio

Photo via vancouverluxuryrentals.com

Laneway houses, you see ’em everywhere. But have you ever thought about living in one? If you have, today is your lucky day! We’re featuring a laneway house for our Rental of the Week. Welcome to 3115 West 13th Avenue, the cutest little home tucked right away. Tucked away in a laneway, which just rolls off the tongue.

Rental of the Week: 3115 West 13th Avenue

3115 West 13th Avenue

You might be scared thinking about how you’d cram all your belongings into one tiny home, and the answer is Marie Kondo. We kid, living the tiny/small house lifestyle definitely isn’t for everyone. But if that’s up your alley you’ll probably like this place. Alley, hehe. Really though, it’s not a huge mansion, but it’s super charming and perfect for a couple or a ballin’ single.

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3115 West 13th Avenue

The curb appeal is major, so your pals will be impressed when they successfully find your front door. Wait, which street are you on? Where’s the lane? What’s the way?

This home is 600 square feet of fun with 1 bedroom and 1.5 bathrooms. It also has a private deck on the second floor, which is pretty nifty. And it’s located in a quiet neighbourhood, just blocks from Carnarvon Park and Broadway shops. Convenience is key!

3115 West 13th Avenue

If you like to design your space, you’ll be happy to know that this home comes as a blank slate. It’s totally yours for the customization. Just double-measure before you commit to the largest sofa. Really though, it’ll be super cute with the right touch.

As for other amenities, you get an equipped kitchen and in-home washer/dryer. Utilities aren’t included, but we trust you can negotiate your cable bill.

3115 West 13th Avenue

So, what’s the rent on this little cutie? It’s on the market for $2,095 a month. Pretty standard for Vancouver, but it’s definitely got some perks over a one bed in a larger building. If you’d like to see more of 3115 West 13th Avenue, click here.

Happy renting!