Plot twist: Surrey mayor wants to turn roads into canal waterways

Photo via @samisrt Instagram

So, the mayor of Surrey recently floated the idea of just saying whatever and putting a canal through the city. Apparently, he was inspired by a recent trip to Qatar, and they were in turn inspired by the canals of Venice.

Uh, ok? Notwithstanding the effect on traffic in the city, that seems like it might be a pretty weird way to spend taxpayer dollars. But, we like his creativity, so here are a few of our own ideas for Surrey.

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Turn a section of downtown into an Old West town’s Main Street.

Line a shopping district with palm trees and call it ‘Rodeo Drive 2.0’.

Build a community of floating homes along the water (this one is actually feasible if a long shot).

Go for broke and build the Eiffel Tower again.

And last but not least, invite a staunch anti-vaccine activist to speak in front of a business association. Oh wait, that’s already happening.

Listen, Doug McCallum, we love you, but you’re making some weird calls right now. A canal might actually be the least of our Surrey worries.

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