4 BC Universities make list of most ‘Sugar Baby’ students

Photo via Seeking Arrangement

At least, according to Seeking Arrangement, we do. The website just released its statistics for 2018, and things are looking weird. Focusing on University students, the website looked at a whole bunch of different factors, from most popular universities to average monthly ‘allowances’.

Toronto came out ahead, with U of T and York having roughly 2000 sugar babies in their system. Meanwhile, BC has 4 universities on the list, led by UBC with 359. Sorry, Calgary, but none of your universities made it. Edmonton, meanwhile, claimed the 6th spot with a whopping 764 students being involved. Colour us surprised.

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sugar baby

The average income of a sugar mommy or daddy was 250k per year. Seeking Arrangement claims that signing up means guaranteed income, networking opportunities and career or business advantages.

We’re not going to get too deep into the ramifications of sugar baby relationships. That said, we would like to highlight that this is a real grey area when it comes to the idea of sex work. Prostitution continues to be heavily stigmatized. However, you can have massively popular websites aggressively advertising the benefits of selling one’s ‘time’ in exchange for income.

Uh, yeah. Here’s a quote from them. “With the average yearly tuition for undergraduate students costing more than $6,000, Canadian students are turning to wealthy benefactors to alleviate some of the financial burden.”

If anything, these statistics should open our eyes to the realities of being a university student across Canada. It also shows the ways in which one could navigate the costs associated with it. We do not condemn Seeking Arrangement, rather, we invite people to reflect on what it means to seek income in a highly capitalist market. It’s a “don’t hate the player, hate the game” type thing.

You can check out Seeking Arrangement’s report here.

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