North Vancouver tops list of growing Canadian cities in 2019

Via Aileen Choi Photography

Data is so wild. One minute we’re browsing Instagram, the next we’re looking at a list of the top growing Canadian cities courtesy of the good folks at U-Haul. And guess what, North Vancouver came out on top last year! Let’s look at how they got there.

Basically, U-Haul tracked Canadian migration trends in 2019, and compared the number of one-way trips to destinations to those leaving destinations. Then, they used the net gains to determine which cities saw the most growth. Which intern there spent their year on this?

North Vancouver actually saw lots of movement last year compared to 2018. Arrivals were up 30%, but departures also increased by 20%. Overall though, arrivals counted for 55.2% of the U-Haul traffic in North Vancouver. And since so many people are moving there, that’s good enough!

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U-Haul did make it clear that this data is not equivalent to, let’s say, census data. But! They do say that it is a pretty good indicator of migration trends across Canada. Why is North Van so popular? Well, it’s the combination of a few things.

First, you’ve got a general migration trend towards the west coast of Canada. But at the same time, a fair portion of Canadians can’t enter the Vancouver market proper (spoiler alert: it’s pricey). Meanwhile, North Vancouver offers relatively affordable housing, a picturesque setting, and easy access to the downtown core.

Huh, maybe we should think about a move. Check out the full list of growing Canadian cities in 2019 right here.