Lululemon building impressive new global headquarters in Vancouver

Photo via Francl Architecture

Well, team, it’s official. Vancouver-based lululemon has gotten the green light to build its new global headquarters in the city, thanks to a decision by city council yesterday. The massive new headquarters should start undergoing construction this fall and will be able to accommodate up to 4,000 employees once all is said and one.

The design comes from Morphosis Architects and the Vancouver-based Francl Architects. The 13-story building will occupy just under 600,000 square feet and will feature a ground-level restaurant plus a company store. Design-wise, the building will centre around an atrium that allows for natural light throughout the building. It’s very contemporary stuff. We like it.

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lululemon headquarters

While lululemon is not including a daycare, it will be contributing $3.5M towards off-site care. Also, lululemon will be paying the city roughly $10M for development cost levies and a million or so for public art initiatives. All told, the new lululemon headquarters should bring in around $15M in public benefits. Hey, we like the sound of that! Gotta keep up with the Joneses, you know?

Also, it will continue to draw commercial activity to False Creek. This is in line with Vancouver’s False Creek Flats Plan, which wants to increase the economic viability of the area. Fair enough- if they can turn an area by the train tracks into a cool spot, they might as well!

You can check out the full application right here.

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