Le Labo opened their newest location in Gastown last week

Move over Aesop, there’s a new luxury brand in Gastown. Started in 2006 in New York, Le Labo has been a go-to for Instagram influencers and art curators alike. It’s easy to see why- your fragrance is mixed for you by hand after you choose it, and reflects an intense dedication to craftsmanship and quality.
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Like all ‘esoteric’ fragrance brands, you can’t expect to find much more than a little philosophy and some self-deprecating quotes on their website. Don’t let this discourage you though, there’s a reason why they have a become a hit in practically every major city in the world.
Still feeling guilty? Follow their sister account, @overheardlelabo, to laugh it off with them.

Le Labo

Where: Le Labo Vancouver, 225 Carrall Street
When: Everyday, 11AM-7PM

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