How one Vancouver hat company is giving back to the city

Photo via WIRTH Hats

Good morning, folks! We thought that we would kick today off with a nice little initiative, courtesy of the people over at WIRTH Hats. This Vancouver-based company has announced that they would be providing as much free online counselling as possible for those affected by COVID-19.

It’s a solid move and one that recognizes the many ways in which historical events might affect people. We’re definitely feeling a little more anxious/stressed these days.

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So, WIRTH is using their existing access to online counselling services and extending them to members of the community. The project is being dubbed #WIRTHStayingIn, and it seeks to provide a month of free counselling to people who are feeling particularly affected by COVID-19.

On the other hand, they’re also welcoming donations from anyone who wants to help out with funding. If you’re feeling generous, you can click this link to help out.

And if you want to check out WIRTH Hats in general (every sale supports this), here’s the website!