Here’s what your hypothetical Canadian private island says about you

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We spent the morning looking at real estate listings, and hoo boy, are there some deals to be had right now. Especially if you’re in the market for a Canadian private island. No seriously, we came across just about everything this morning, ranging from cheap getaway spots to some real old money moves.

So, here’s what your Canadian private island says about you.

The First Timer

evans island

First private island, huh? Well then, you might want to start off small. Luckily for you, there’s the 2.7 acre Evans Island, located just 3 and a half hours outside of Toronto. The cottage on the island could use a little bit of a renovation, but at a list price of $243,000, you could transform it and still be all-in for under $300k. Now that’s a steal!

Location: North Frontenac, Ontario
Price: $243,000

The Lighthouse Keeper

canadian private island

You’re not buying a private island just for show. No way, you’re buying one to live out a very specific fantasy of being a late 19th century lighthouse keeper. Say hello to Eshpabekong Island, sitting off the coast of Lake Huron. Almost entirely granite and with a rustic looking house perched on top, you’ll be making your own moonshine and getting enchanted by the light in no time.

Location: Georgian Bay, Ontario
Price: $2,950,000

The Old Money Family

harry island

Alright, those first two options were surprisingly niche, even in the Canadian private island market. Let’s bring things down a notch with a lovely island nestled in Muskoka Lakes. At a shade under $10M, Harry Island offers grace and poise, with a waterfront tennis court, a large dock and a two-story boathouse. The only downside? It’s more convenient to join the youngsters at Oviinbyrd than drive 20 mins to the Muskoka Lakes Country Club.

Location: Muskoka Lakes, Ontario
Price: $9,795,000

The Investor

canadian private island

Why buy a private island and pay to join a golf course? Get two birds with one stone with Point Pleasant. With 500 acres, you’ve got ample room for a golf course, and could even throw a boutique hotel in there if you wanted to. Plus, a relatively low list price of $3.8M means it’ll be easy to convince whoever you need to for funding. Now, this is technically a peninsula, but that makes it even more accessible for guests so we’re including it.

Location: Point Pleasant, Prince Edward Island
Price: $3,832,350

The Nature Lover

malei island

And to cap things off, let’s look at what most people actually want a private island for. Sitting on the Northern tip of Vancouver Island, Malei Island is in a stunning region and is less expensive than a detached home in Vancouver. For $875,000 you get practically everything you could ask for. We’re talking up to date power systems, a waterfront dock, a developed home, a helipad… If you wanted to become one with nature, this is the island for you.

Location: Malei Island, British Columbia
Price: $875,000

And that’s our guide to what your Canadian private island says about you! If you need us, we’ll be buying a bunch of wool clothing and learning sea shanties.