Here’s what the weather will be like in Vancouver this week

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Happy Monday, folks! We’re back with a peek at what you can expect from the weather in Vancouver this week. Luckily, we’ve got lots of sun to look forward to, with just a splash of rain to remind us that we live in Vancouver. Let’s check it out!

While today might be a little cloudy, Tuesday and Wednesday are both supposed to be mainly sunny. And with a high of 25 degrees on Wednesday, you’ll be looking for any excuse you can to get outside. Tennis, anyone?

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Sadly, Thursday is supposed to be overcast and rainy, but we’re not looking at more than like 3mm of total rainfall, so not too bad. And then Friday should be mostly sunny, but there’s a slight chance of some rain throughout the day. A sunshower would be cool to see.

And that rounds up the kind of weather you can expect in Vancouver this week! Plan accordingly and get out and about, folks!

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